There is an old expression taught by a long term business master .  He would note that i learned a long time ago when the guys from head office were lying to me .  How could i tell – “their lips were moving”.

In the same way it can be said that figures ( or statistics)  don’t lie …. but liars figger.  Simply put another way by Woody Allen .  A stock broker / mutual fund salesperson /  financial ( ?) planner is a professional who invests your money till its all gone.

Yet in business ( or politics)  its not so much the story …. but rather how you tell it.  Take for example the public relations guru James – “Spin Doctor“  James Carville  who recently expressed his concern on the President and his hopes for the upcoming November election – not on its effect on the US economy or real people suffering but on the story – or wrong story being told ( at least in his mind and expertise )  by President Obama.  Its not the substance being sold or told but rather which tale to tell to fool people.

I guess we should all be out there job shopping none the less.  And if not in Washington DC where the real sharks are- perhaps up in Winnipeg or Manitoba Canada where the job shops and job banks might be  a tad tastier and easier.

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Yet it can be said that little is as peruasive as a long collumn of facts and figures.  All in all these compliations can be just so complex as to be next to be impossible to follow.  A real bluffer’s tale none the less.  Yet no one – is about to take issue with facts  – or so called facts – especially when they are backed up with by computations , equations, exptrapolations , extractions of roots – and all in the form of a polished Microsoft Powerpoint presentation or presentations.  It might be a wiser idea not to rent executive temporary office space in after all.  Perhaps one should check first on commercial office rental office rates in & none the less.

Again figures never lie , but liars “figger”

Its all higher forms of expression , global warming and Albert  Einstein or Zacharias Sitchen  themselves.

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Its amazing the perceptions of human kind. Human beings it seem see things from their side and feel 100 % justified and vindicated. Its amazing how perceptions color reality , viewpoints of and rationalizations.

The car or auto industry seems to create or attract its own type. Especially at the sales end its all about “production”. True the same could be also be said for the financial and insurance industries at the sales and “marketing ” ends. On top of that the “best” ( read highest producing) salesperson is often rewarded with a promotion – to “sales manager” – a task few have the skills or patience for . Indeed a more administrative bookish type might be a better fit – than an action orientated – whats the matter with your guys – i could do this in a minute type.

In his recent book “Car Guys & Bean Counters” Bob Lutz portrays the auto industry – and its way to ruin in the US – the debacles , the attitudes and mentalities that got them there. GM it seems was the best ( or in this case ) worst example. Auto dealers would report that overall GM was the “best” to deal with. Yet it was full of a whole routine of rules and committees which had to be followed to a tee if anything was done or was to be accomplished. Top heavy it might be referred to in the world of government. In the private sector its called – a committee structure and “Yes Men” management. The system – not the company or even customers is the first concern and priority. Innovative modern thinkers who think for themselves need not apply and are not welcomed.

Yet several points to begin with. First of all Mr. Lutz has held a very wide range of jobs in different companies across his industry. Indeed at he was pieced off with a most substantial buy out package – complete with helicopter. It this a case of whom you know, not what you know and being able to jump ship from one firm to another before the effects of decisions or policies chosen come to pass ?

Secondly one might remember the example of a previous media darling – auto industry top exec left to tell takes John Z. Delorean of Deloraine auto fame. Mr. Deloraine wrote a most informative and telling book – “On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors“.   This book was more of a telling of tales – rather than an insightful portrayal of what happened and why. Yet while Mr. Delorean , and indeed the media which saw him as a whistle -blower , it turned out to those who had worked with him at General Motors was among the worst of the examples of G.M. execs of the time who used perks and privileges to excess himself.  One can only say its hard to look in the mirror Moonie.

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