Only the Great Will Appreciate You Staying Late


Only the great companies will treat you with the respect you deserve when it comes to the little, everyday things they expect. I have worked for the good, the band and the ugly and when you are out there looking for a company that has your best interest in mind there are a few tricks you learn over the years.

First off you look for number of years in operation. Very seldom will you find a company that has been around for sixty plus years that will actually care about their employees. Your best bet would be to look for the company’s that have just began that need to grow that way you have the chance to become recognized and a ground to plant you achievements.

Another trait to look for is how well they have treated employees in the past. If they don’t offer any bonuses then look into if they offer holiday pay or extra income when your family needs it most. I have never worked for a company that hasn’t given me some kind of bonus before Christmas.

Great companies don’t just treat their employees well, they also are in good standing with the job market they are established with and have a good, strong name behind them. You wouldn’t shop at a grocery store named Moldies or Nasties Food and Bev. So why would you work for one?

You would however use a condom that is named Trojan or Magnum because it has a well written and strong title. Now I’m not saying you should go apply for these companies but you should look into companies that at least have a decent backbone.

Great companies also are going to have employees that love their job. If you type in a companies name in Google that you would like to apply for make sure the first or second hit isn’t a blog about how horrible the company is or a forum with employees complaining. If the employees working there seem like they hate their life then that shouldn’t be something to look into to apply for. I have had a few jobs where I just couldn’t wait until the clock hit five pm.

Basically the only Great companies out there are going to be the ones you research and you find the most positive feedback on. It is also an opinion so it is basically all up to you on whether the company would be great to work for or not. I could love a company that you would hate to work for so make sure you find one that works for yourself and not just for everyone else.


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Fire Your Boss

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Many – if not most people would do fine on their jobs if it were not for their boss or manager

And yet not only do most people survive on their jobsite – in spite of “management “  and “I am the boss “  syndrome

The amazing part is just like highly paid civil servants ( who are most cases are simply putting in time) , these authorities actually believe that

1) The world could certainly not survive without them and their input

2) Everyone else is a peon – and in the case of most civil servants – everyone else is a thief – who on top of it all are not worth their pay by any means . Its one trip to the Waveley.

Yet how does a person cope – or even survive in a job that they do not like and perhaps even “hate”

Firstly focus on what you really want instead of daydreaming and working out in your mind’s eye of how much you want to escape or really not want to be in the “here and now”

No doubt about it you will have already established well that your job at present is not “where you really want to be”.  However where do you really want to be ? Plan your alternate road map and means of getting there. That should not be incredibly difficult.

Think back to that fateful job interview ( which was long tossed away once you were hired and became slave and victim # 1)

What are your strengths ?  What are your weaknesses  ?  Lastly the key “You look like a person to me that knows where they want to be !  Where do you want to be in 1 year , 2 years / 5 years ?”
Now those were your original plans .  Is it not time to refocus your efforts back to your game plan ?  Is this just not a temporary detour from your plans ?

Remember Einstein used a dull job as a Swiss patent clerk as the opportunity to be able to finish and polish his manuscript on the Theory of Relativity to good purpose.

Isn’t this such a similar , wonderful situation for you ?
In summary the glass can be half full or half empty depending on how you view it.  Simple as that.

Winnipeg Hotels

Jerk Bosses I Have Known

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Since “selling out” disobeys God , we need not even discuss it. Correct.

Wrong. We cannot dismiss selling out so easily. Christians sometimes sell , just as others do.

Of course , most of us actually never say ” I will sell out my principles for the sake of my job .” Instead we rationalize and gloss over what is really happening. We think of ourselves of being most decent people whose good intentions make up for whatever wrongdoing and wrongdoings that our jobs entails or demands. Its all about keeping that job in spite of those stupid , deceptive and downright evil managers and bosses. For deep down we believe that integrity is wonderful – however it can be awful and awfully inconvenient for our job , our income and our job security.

Jerk Bosses that I have Known and Endured

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If you are currently employed, you do not have to rush into a new job because of economic necessity. You an move ahead in a determined planned manner. Continue working at your present and current job while you take aptitude tests and get career guidance , do research , perhaps even work part time at other jobs that you think might like and enjoy.

Many do indeed lament the fact that “they are too soon old and too late smart”. Having failed to get a good education or skills . they feel trapped in a low paying and/ or boring job and / or stupid , most stupid or controlling boss , supervisor or manager. But wanting to get out of a boring job or other employment may provide just the motivation that you need to get more or additional training.




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Abusive Bosses I Have Known

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Bay Area Word

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- Uses logic on difficult jobs = gets someone else to do it- Expresses himself well = speaks English

- Meticulous attention to detail – a nitpicker

- Has leadership qualities – is tall or has a loud voice

- exceptional good judgment – Lucky

- Keen sense of humor – knows a lot of dirty jokes

- Career minded – back stabber

Jerk Bosses I Have Known and Endured

O Fortuna

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