Occasionally you may hear a report or isolated report as if it came from a  big truck on an ice-road in Northern Manitoba  , that “so and so” said ” such and such”  with the topic being about you , your possessions or perhaps your car , S.U.V. or truck.  Your first thought might well be “so what ?”.  After all if you don’t have personal honor and integrity in dealing with people – what do you have ?  Who knows in the future what awards and condemnations  will come your way ?

Yet the question may well be in this situation – who is the “sniper”  and what is the question in this or any other scenario .   Is it actually the authority who is detailing the situation to you about the event or set of events ?  Sometimes , and its surprising , the third party is in actuality the first party in question .  How in essence do you get a certified safety report in such cases.  After all you want to make any and all decisions with accurate and reliable information.

It may be a situation taken out of context and really does not matter.  Yet no one is ever 100 % right or wrong .

If this is the reason that you are being told about this supposed snipe by this particular informant somehow escapes you – turn on your headlamps.   Take the time to ask “does so and so know ( or is aware) that you are telling or informing me of this “ ?  After all there is not a consumer reports to verify info in such events and cases.    Remember its always best to have 3rd party proof references.    Remember it always can be advised and noted  “write me a memo”.

Perhaps it time for a new boss


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So what about the “sniper”  who actually may like you in their heart of hearts, and is simply having fun and “teasing ” you ?  Yet its often a case of a Moe Brown who knows how to dish it out but not “take it”.   How do you get them to stop making jokes at your expense ?  Is it a big or good deal overall ?  Yet it might be asked “is their a defense”  for teasing or such set of actions Maybe its not teasing and they are simply flirting .

First and primarily make it a primary principle and tactic to call attention to their behavior in private as opposed to making it out in the open in public.  People , especially these types have a thin skin and an amazingly soft and easily punctured ego.  Look at the current debacle in the United States Senate Senator Cruz and the senior senators as examples.

Humiliating these types “in public”  is like arguing with a policeman , border guard or some other authority .  You may win the battle – but lose the war.   Such tactics accomplish little – except perhaps to vent your anger .   Use the “honest strategy’  to inform them and essentially let them know that you do not enjoy this ‘put down humor”.   Explain to them that it is not fun or enjoyable to you , no joke at all .  On top of that all it results is avoidance tactics by yourself of the offending party or parties.

Essentially you would prefer and positive relationship with them rather than having to drive away at high speed to escape them.  Let them know that you would prefer to feel “great ” about them.    The again perhaps your boss will just disappear in a flash down the roads & paths  of life .

Though they may not “understand”  how anyone could take offense at such “little matters” you will find  that their behaviour may well take a positive change for the better in the near future.  Well at least temporarily in the short term.  Remember and put it uppermost in your mind’s eye  that your goal or set of goals in that two week interim is to have truthful appreciation of them each and every time they make a joke that is not a snipe.  It can be said that since their intent is to get appreciation , they can go the route of your positive reinforcement and reinforcements .  Yet always remember that if you “don’t like it that you are free to leave” non-withstanding .    Again though its not management by consensus.


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When dealing with people who are “touchy”  or upset , however putting the greater intelligence to work is not always possible Emotions so cloud the reasoning capabilities of people it seems that it may seem that their brains are no longer connected to their mouths and reasoning processes.

How many times , if you think deeply , can you recall or make a recollection  when you were upset and said something that you did not mean , or really not mean to express.  Yet while it is is virtually impossible to reason with an emotional person, it is possible . to look and feel that you really do “understand“.  Step back on the balcony is the expression.   Try not to become emotionally involved yourself and just let time pass and things wind down so to speak.


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It seems that life’s experiences are that people become problems , when the thoughtless negative reactions they drive  tend to circle around  the wagons  reinforcing  more and more of the same.  Time to fill up with number one gas you might say.   Is it about goals and goals setting you might ask .

Hang  around flakes and become a flake yourself.  Project yourself as driving a luxury Ford Flex or a bright race red 2014 Ford Mustang    and you will feel the part.  You are what you feel and to a great degree what you drive on the pathways of life.

If you want to have positive influence , thoughtful responses are required and mandatory.  It is in your best interests to help them to break their associations to negative behaviours  as well self limiting concepts .  Hence reinforce  associations  to the behaviors engaged in .   Its all about focusing and focus .

If you do so this habitually, difficult people may comet to see you as a most valued ally rather than an enemy, and will to no personal surprise to yourself – fulfill your positive overall expectations.  

Yet continue to just strive onwards and forwards  .

Winnipeg Sun


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You may well of heard of an interesting story – an epic tale – of many years ago in the Chicago school system that sheds light on the power of expectations.  That said its not too much different than the feeling of a person who enters a new car showroom for the first time.   It seems that the researchers conducting the experiment asked a few teachers for their assistance and expertise.  These teachers were told that they were picked  due to their teaching abilities, and that the gifted children were to be placed in their home rooms.  There was no way to escape the well laid out methodology  so to say.  Or were they all clueless ?  

Listen well my viddy friend .

The experiment was designed , the researchers explained to find out how gifted children would perform in class if they did not know that they were “gifted “  or “special”.  Neither the children nor the parents were told of the “experiment”.   Interestingly this case of expectations is now a current model involving the subsection of consumer research especially in the auto trades Its not a matter of blitzing the senses – blitz , blitz , blitz, but rather focus.

In research models one tries to reduce the setup down to one variable.  Its the end point – though not always possible.   Focus is of primary concern .

Yet results showed - what you think you want is what you get.


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Life is never easy – there you are motoring around in your brand new dark blue  Raptor SVT and bango things do not go as planned. Yet no one promised you an easy life . Alternatively put if life is a basket of cherries why am I in the pits.

When events don’t go as planned or may be obstructed in the road of life by others – sojourn on. Either yourself or get a go-to person to complete the trip.

To avoid retaliation , perhaps its some Stanley character exhibiting racial slurs. You may have to develop a covert plan to get to your destination. Indeed snipers may lie behind each of these covert operations, using techniques to deal with these rude , foolish or downright stupid behaviour or behaviors. You can add sarcasm, poor off-timed humor, rolls of the eyes or direct highly directed racist or negative comments indeed.

When there is a grudge associated with this “sniping” the general adage is and should be “Don’t get mad —– get even”

The ultra creative person or racing team wins the race none the less and finishes the trip in high style and effect.

No point racing through life unnecessarily – slow down and enjoy the road views.


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Action plans are steps to follow when dealing and coordinating with situations.

As an example when dealing with Know it alls  here are a series of suggested steps.

1)Step 1: Be prepared and know your stuff

2) Step 2 : Backtrack respectfully

3) Step 3 : Blend with their “doubts and desires”

4) Present you views indirectly

5) Turn them into mentors

So much for knowitalls.

It can be said that by letting the Know-It-All know that you recognize and expert, and are willing to learn from them.   Now that idea has merit.  Remember those that cannot do manage.


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A very good tactic and strategy in dealing with these types is to use questions and questioning instead of blanket statements. To be a Know-It-All , one must know the answers to the questions. What this means overall is “they” must consider questions in order to answer them.  Imagine you are in the civil service.

As an example in point “Bear with me, but was really wondering and pondering what do you suppose would happen or occur if we were to try ( your information / ideas / proposal) out in certain areas , events or situations.

Put in another light its always best to say “Now that idea has merit” even it is the world’s stupidest idea.


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It can be said as a tactic that letting the Know-It-All  “know:” that you recognize an expert, and are willing to learn from one , you become less of a threat.  Its sad how human egos work and the fears of inadequacy that kick in.  This way,  the Mr. Know-Everything  , nothing to be taught, spends more time overall “instructing ” you than obstructing you.  Its a sea change of tactics,emphasis plus a major savings of time and expended energies for yourself.  What a win-win situation and deal for you. Sure you can go on your Facebook account and cause big time trouble , yet this is both a lot safer and wiser to your upworldly mobile career.

It is more than entirely possible that you will find yourself moving from the disenfranchised  group  into the “generally-recognized as safe to listen to ” group.  You can be off driving to the Waverley auto mall in Winnipeg sitting in your bright blue Ford Flex.  Consequently , more or your ideas and information will be heard and “bubble to the top“.  Swim with the flow is the phrase generally recognized in such management / staff situations.  Alternatively said this is the best way to effectively and efficiently deal with these idiots.  Alternatively said yet again in another light human relations is little more than studying monkey behavior.

What TV programs  do you watch


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It can be said that as you drive down the highways and byways of life – you had better get “used to it”. If you do not like being teased don’t go there. Or as Harry Truman was reported to say ( it may be credited to him but originally others), “If you cannot stand the heat ( then) don’t go into the kitchen “.

Sadly though more than one North End Winnipeg type of character extends this foolishness all the way to the gates of hell or at least to the ending of his career at Chrysler / Jeep . Yet in life its all about options – and behaviours .

If you don’t like being teased and sniping wounds you, it may ( and often does spread) , to be common knowledge that you are an an easy ( and predictable) target. Fun and games at Tim Hortons donut shop so to speak – or at least McDonalds with coupons. Yet sadly more than one character has never being able to see the scenario consistently appear , realize that they are driving themselves to their end demise etc etc etc. Sad but true none the less.

Time to get a life or at least a new vehicle – upgraded from some piece of junk van with leaking transmission fluids.


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